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Calling All Cyclists! Loyola University New Orleans Hosts Environmental Roundtable Discussion on Cycling in the City

Loyola press release - November 14, 2017

Expert-led roundtable talk will address road sharing, law, and political action

Loyola University New Orleans’ Environment Program hosts a panel discussion Wednesday focused on safe cycling in the city. Titled “Fair Share vs. Lion’s Share: Cyclists’ Rights and Motorists’ Pretensions,” the environmental roundtable discussion is co-hosted by BikeEasy, a community education and advocacy group working to improve safety and conditions for cyclists in the greater New Orleans area.

Guest speaker Dr. Jonathan Maskit of Denison University will lead the discussion. Maskit is an environmental philosopher whose interests and work center around thinking about building sustainable, livable communities through cycling.

The talk runs from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017 in Loyola’s state-of-the-art Nunemaker Auditorium, Monroe Hall, 6363 St. Charles Ave. The event is free and open to the public, with free parking available in the West Road parking garage.

Environmental Roundtables are facilitated discussions of important environmental issues, hosted by the Loyola University Environment Program. Facilitators include Environment Program students, faculty and guest hosts. For this discussion, Dr. Maskit will discuss road sharing, law, and political action.

“Basically, the idea is to take on, from political and phenomenological perspectives, one of the great impediments to cycling: having to share public space with larger, faster vehicles piloted by people who often do not know or do not care that cyclists have a right to use the roads,” Maskit said. “Because of motorist malice, inattention, ignorance, etc. cycling is often a flat-out terrifying experience. Cycling can (and has in some places) become a safe, healthy, environmentally-friendly, and even fun way to get around, but we have to reduce the terror first.”