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Loyola’s Holy Rollers Food Truck to Offer Communion On the Go

Loyola press release - April 1, 2017

Yes – April Fools! There is not actually a band of rogue Jesuits and student ministers delivering the Holy Sacrament out of a food truck; we were just having a little fun.

But as is the case with most jokes, there was a kernel of truth. April really is the month in which the Catholic church encourages increased engagement with the Sacrament, and we really do believe the nature of that devotion is relevant to people of all backgrounds.

So – though this story was a joke, we encourage our entire community, no matter what faith or religion, to focus inward this month on their spirituality. To spend some time reflecting on things like love, kindness, and community.

And to ensure that they take time for themselves to relax their minds and appreciate the things that make us smile.